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Gabion Baskets for River Bank Protection

Are you looking for a reliable gabion baskets supplier for river bank protection? ASX METALS will provide you a complete ultimate solution including designing, production, OEM, shipment, and installation. 

Table Of Contents

The Best Gabion Baskets For You

pvc gabion baskets

PVC Coated Gabion Baskets

PVC Coated Gabion Baskets are the most popular choices for gabion baskets in the international market. It has an extra PVC layer be with a zinc layer inside. The thickness of the PVC layer is around 1mm. This makes it super good at anti-rust performance. Its service life can reach 50-60 years. 
The standard size is as follows:  Body size:  2*1*1 m(L*W*H) with one compartment. Mesh wire: 2.4/3.4mm (PVC before, PVC after); Lacing wire: 3.4/4.4mm; Binding wire: 2.2/3.2mm.

Galvanized Gabion Baskets

Galvanized gabion baskets is the most economic choice for your river bank construction. Compared with the pvc type, it only has a galvanized zinc layer on the surface without the PVC layer. This make its cost lower and more affordable for our customers with limited budget. But meanthile, its perfromance in anti-rust is inferier to the PVC type. Its service life can reach 20-30 years.
The standard type is as follows: Body size: 2*1*1m(L*W*H) with one compartment. Mesh wire: 2.4mm. Lacing wire: 3.4mm. Binding wire: 2.2mm. 
galvanized gabion baskets
galvanized gabion baskets

Gulfan Gabion Baskets

Gulfan gabion baskets are the ones made from  gulfan wire (Zinc-aluminium wire). On its surface, there are 95%zinc and 5% aluminum content. The zinc content can be around 240gsm. This makes it super good at anti-rust performance. But its cost is higher than the galvanized type and PVC type. This is only chosen by the customer who has extremely strict requirements for the rust resistance in their project.
The standard type is as follows: Body size: 2*1*1m(L*W*H) with one compartment. Mesh wire: 2.4mm. Lacing wire: 3.4mm. Binding wire: 2.2mm. 

The Manufacturing Process

Raw Material Preparation

Firstly, we need to purchase the metal wire as the raw material supplier before the production.

Mesh Woven

Once gabion wires arrived, the production will be started. The wires will be woven into the gabion mesh with different size required.

Gabion Baksets Formation

At last, the gabion mesh will be formed into kinds of gabion baskets with different sizes by experienced workers.

Estimated Lead Time

1st - Manufacturing

It takes around 10 – 15 days for one full 40 HQ gabion baskets. And it can be shortened to 5-10 days if urgent needs.


2nd - Packing

It takes around 3 days for one 40 HQ goods.

sea shipment

3rd - Sea Shipment

The sea shipment period will vary from 15 to 60 days. It depends on the final destination.

customs clearance

4th - Customs Clearance

Once goods arrived, the customs clearance will take around 10 days. It will also be different in different areas around the world.

Estimated Delivery Price

Product Value- Factory Price

This is the product value itself. You can get the direct factory price from us. This will make your product quite competitive in your market.


This is the amount for the shipment work. We will help you deliver the goods to any place around the whole world. 

Importing And Exporting Cost

Exporting from our side and importing from your end will both be charged by the local custom government.


Sample Cost

For the unusual gabion baskets, the sample fee will be charged to meet the cost to run our business. For the most standard one, it will not be extra charged 

30% Deposit

Once the order is confirmed, a 30% deposit will be arranged before the production. 

70% Balance

70% balance needs to be arranged against the copy of the B/L. Then your side will get the original B/L.

Things You May Want To Konw

How should I choose the right gabion baskets?

You can send us your project details or requirements to our email. Then you will get the best suggestions from us according to our full experience.

How long is the guarantee service life?

The goods life span will depends on the raw materials used and the exact environment. For the pvc type, it’s always around 50-60 years, and the galvanized type 30-40 years.

Which one is the perfect for distributing business?

According to our knowledge of international market in the past ten years, the 2*1*1 type with pvc coated is the most popular choice.

Which one should i choose if the super performance of anti-rust is needed?

The gulfan wire with PVC coating is one with the best rust-resistance performance. But its cost is also higher.

What type is the most popular gabion basket size?

The most popular type is the PVC coated gabion baskets.

Which one is the most economic choice?

The most economic choice is the galvanized gabion baskets.

Does the installation work require any experienced workers?

Its installation work is quite easy and don’t require the special technicians or experienced works on this.

Where can i use it for?

The gabion baskets are widely used in riverbank construction, dam checking, river reinforcement, and kinds of water construction.

Why Choose China Gabion-Supply?

 We have a gabion baskets manufacturer and supplier since 1998. In the past 10 years, our gabion basekts has been exported to over 130 countries. Our products is famous for the outstanding quality and reasonable price.


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