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Reno Gabion Mattress

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of reno gabion mattresses? ASX METALS is a manufacturer and exporter of this item for over 10 years. Great quality with competitive price. Send us your inquiry and get your quote within 24 hours.

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Top-Rated Reno Gabion Mattress

pvc reno gabion mattress

PVC Coated Reno Gabion Mattress

PVC coated reno gabion mattress is one of the most popular choices for gabion mattresses. And actually, it’s a kind of PVC gabion basket. But compared with the standard gabion baskets, its height is quite lower, only around 0.3-0.5m. This is to make a better performance in reinforcement in the river or bank area. Besides, withe the PVC layer, it’s quite good at anti-rust nature. Its service life will be around 30-60 years.

The popular size is as follows:

Body size: 3*1*0.3 meters(L*W*H);  three compartments included; mesh opening: 80*100mm; mesh wire: 2.4/3.4mm, selvedge wire: 3.4/4.4mm, binding wire: 2.2/3.2mm. Surface treatment: galvanized and then PVC coating.


Galvanized Reno Gabion Mattress

Galvanized reno gabion mattress is the gabion mattress only with the zinc layer compared with the PVC type. Its zinc content varies from 40-245 GSM. With the thicker zinc layer, the anti-rust performance will also be better. For example, with 40 gsm, the service life will be around 30-40 years. But if with 245 gsm, it will be around 40-50 years. At the same time, the cost will also be higher.

You can choose the exact type based on your exact environment. You also can send your requirements or project details to our email to get our professional advice. 24/7 Service.

galvanized reno gabion mattress

Reno Gabion Mattress In Our Workshop

Want to know more about reno gabion mattresses? Below is the videos for the manufacturing and delivered conditions of this item in our workshop. 

Estimated Lead Time

1st - Manufacturing

Once the order is confirmed, the production will start as soon as possible. It takes around 20-25 days for the order with quantity below 10,000 sets.


2nd - Packing

Packing will begin once manufacturing is finished. 3-5 days to finish.

sea shipment

3rd - Sea Shipment

It varies according to the final destination port. For example, 15 days for the port in Malaysia.

customs clearance

4th - Customs Clearance

It usually takes around 12-15 days for custom clearance.

Reno Gabion Mattress Breakup List

Mesh Wire

Mesh wire is the major wire of reno gabion mattress. It is always made from 2.4 mm galvanized wire or with extra 1mm pvc layer(2.4/3.4mm). Its tensile strength is around 350-450 N.

Selvage Wire

Selvage wire is also called lacing wire. It’s thicker than the mesh wire. And it’s always applied in the lacing part for reinforcement function. Its standard diameter is 3.4 mm(galvanized type) or 3.4/4.4mm(PVC type). Its T/S is also around 350-450N.

Raw Material

The raw material is Q195 low carbon steel. Its tensile strength is around 350-450 Mpa. 

reno gabion mattress

Binding Wire

Binding wire is the wire used for the last assembly function. The worker will use it to connect the different parts of reno gabion mattress panels after delivery.  The standard type is 2.2mm(galvanized type) and 2.2/3.2mm(PVC type)

Mesh Opening

The most popular mesh opening choice is 80*100mm. There are also some other choices: 60*80mm,100*120mm. You can make your decision according to your requirements.

Surface treatment

There are mainly two choices of surface treatment: solely galvanized or galvanized plus PVC coating. If with an extra PVC layer, the performance of anti-rust will be better.

Things You May Want To Konw

What is the difference between reno gabion mattress and standard gabion baskets?

The height of reno gabion mattress is lower than the standard gabion baskets. It’s always from 0.3m to 0.5 meters. This is mainly for the facilitation of bank reinforcement.

How should i choose the right reno mattress?

With the common needs, you can choose our popular size mentioned above. And if with special requirements, please send us your detail drawing or requirements to our email. Then you will get our best suggestions.

Can you help me with the shipment work?

Yes, we can help you deliver the goods to any countries in the world. In the past ten years, our goods has been exported to over 120 countries around the world.

Can we have a video meeting in Whatsapp or Zoom?

Yes, we can schedule a video meeting for the detailed discussion of products.

How can i pay for my reno mattresses order?

Bank wire transfer is the most common way of payment using in the international business. Besides, L/C is also acceptable.

Can you provide order tracking service between the order processing?

Yes, you will get our following-up report every week. In this case, you can know the exact situation of your goods production.

Can you offer some discounts?

Sure, for our first cooperation, we are willing to give the best price with discount to support your side in this tough market. Have to mention, for wholesaling business, better quantity, better price.

Do you have Linkedin or other social media sites for more information?

Yes, we have LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube for product presentation.

Your Reliable Reno Mattress Supplier

ASX METALS is a reno mattress gabion supplier and manufacturer with over 10 years of experience in exporting business. We have succeeded in helping tens of our customers in river banking construction and reinforcement.

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